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Mama's Getting Hot
Mama’s Getting Hot

Friday, October 22 @9am on KOWS
Mama’s Gettin’ Hot
Free Form Friday is considered the calm before two upcoming events, both suspenseful in nature. Halloween and Election Day. Halloween because we’ll be sharing some of the haunted reminders as well as social distancing, whereas Election Day will send the right message and send the ghouls, rats, and seditionists scurrying back to their nests. This morning’s music is the bright reminder that good still can come of our situation, taking a time out for music that keeps us centered. We’ll make the leap from Mama Cass to Geraint Watkins, Ella to Laura Nyro, John Prine to The Beach Boys…all in perfect form. Join Dave Stroud for another celebration of a hundred years of America’s music on KOWS radio, a bastion of free speech and no bull, streaming to your ears on www.freespeechnobull.com. And donate to support community radio.

Girl Groups of the 50s & 60s
The Ronettes

Friday, October 23 @9pm on KRJF
Girl Groups of the 50s & 60s
Soul and rhythm, heartbreak and boy trouble, big hair and sequined dresses. Deeper Roots goes on a romp through the early years of rock and soul sharing the very special talents that filled the AM airwaves of the fifties and sixties. It was almost impossible to select one song from each of these groups but we had to given the time constraints. There were the “Ettes”:  The Chordettes, The Bobettes, The Marvelettes, The Ronettes, and The Ikettes; The Angels, The Murmaids, The Crystals, The Jelly Beans, and The Tammys. There were the Detroit sounds, the Wall of Sound, the Brill Building, and the Philly sounds. Perfectly delicious and light-hearted pop and soul from every corner.  Tune into for a listen. Two hours of Deeper Roots this week.

Great Gospel
Great Gospel

Saturday, October 23 @9am on KOWS
Great Gospel
Deeper Roots goes to the deeper wells of black American gospel which is one of the more powerful examples of bedrock sounds that we play here on our show. This show includes hand-picked classics such as “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Joshua Fit the Battle”, “Trouble in My Way”, and a medley of freedom classics from the SNCC Freedom Singers. It’s a mix of jubilee quartets, female gospel greats, sensational musical sermons, as well as Aretha, Sister Tharpe, Mahalia, and The Staples. Tune in for more….a whole lot more.

That Gospel Sound
That Gospel Sound

Thursday, October 29 @Midnite on KOWS
That Gospel Sound

In a show first broadcast six years back, we’re going to revisit the theme of gospel music, specifically those sounds of the many different groups that set the stage for a time known as The Golden Age of Gospel.  The first half of our show will focus on those performers, performances, and sacred pieces that influenced post-war black America and we’ll follow with a modest selection from the Golden Age that, interestingly enough, seems to parallel that of the Golden Age of Country Music…those two decades covering 1945 to 1965.  We’ll wade into the Baptist and Pentacostal waters that would influence the secular sounds of popular R&B, soul, and rock ‘n roll by shaking the sacred out of the rafters and into the American airwaves of the later years…and make no mistake, the influence of the gospel groups that followed from the 19th century and into the 20th cannot be understated. We’ll hear from the Jubilee Quartets of course, including the Selah Jubilee Singers, the Golden Gates, the Dixie Jubilee Singers…and we’ll also hear some fine contemporary pieces from the Blind Boys of Alabama. You won’t want to miss out.

Thursday, October 29 @9am on KOWS
Episode 277
Our last show before the November election. Rather than go political, we’ll try for some collective Americana meditation with the very best of vintage and the brightest of the new. This week’s vintage collection will include tracks from Chris Hillman, Jack Clement, Elvis, and Emmylou Harris. Music is always a good answer when the question is ‘how do I take my mind off of everything’…and there’s no doubt that 2020 has had everything we can put up with. New sounds this morning from Sturgill Simpson, Tanya Tucker, and Blitzen Trapper will remind you that traditions do not only rest in yesterday’s sounds…it’s the old addage: old wine in new jugs. And we’ve got some of that for you this Thursday morning on Blue Moon Americana with Dave Stroud on KOWS Community Radio. Tune in.

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