Episode 218

Episode 218 – July 25, 2019

New and old. Americana in twos and threes. This week, we’re doing that side-by-side thing where we buffer some of the latest tracks with offerings from the past and present. Austin Plaine, Joseph Huber, Bruce Springsteen, Jesse Dayton, and Eilen Jewell are among those we’ve selected from the latest batch of the very best of Americana. I’ve also got some special new tracks from Gerry Beckley (of America), Kelsey Waldon, and Chatham County Line to share with you on a Thursday morning as the Sonoma County summer heats up.

1Artist Title Album Buy
2Chuck Mead I'm Not the Man for the Job Close to Home Amazon
3Jontavious Willis Long Winded Woman Spectacular Class Amazon
4Bruce Springsteen Tucson Train Western Stars Amazon
5Cracker Sinaloa Cowboys Countrysides Amazon
6Bruce Springsteen Sundown Western Stars Amazon
7Willie Nelson Darkness On the Face of the Earth Mr. Record Man – The Early Singles As & BS Amazon
8Willie Nelson My Favorite Picture of You Ride Me Back Home Amazon
9Willie Nelson Born For Trouble Born For Trouble Amazon
10Kelsey Waldon Anyhow White Noise/White Lines Amazon
11Joseph Huber When The Waters Were One Moondog Amazon
12Joseph Huber Moondog Moondog Amazon
13Joseph Huber 16-10 The Suffering Stage Amazon
14Chatham County Line Out of the Running Wildwood Amazon
15Austin Plaine Your Love Austin Plaine Amazon
16Austin Plaine Honey Stratford Amazon
17Austin Plaine Never Come Back Again Austin Plaine Amazon
18The Small Glories Oh My Love Assiniboine & The Red Amazon
19Jesse Dayton Daddy Was A Badass The Revealer Amazon
20Jesse Dayton Just What I Needed Mixtape Volume 1 Amazon
21Whiskey Myers Rolling Stone Whiskey Myers Amazon
22Gerry Beckley Life Lessons Five Mile Road Amazon
23Eilen Jewell Where They Never Say Your Name Letters From Sinners & Strangers Amazon
24Eilen Jewell Shakin' All Over Sea of Tears Amazon
25Eilen Jewell Crawl Gypsy Amazon
26Hackensaw Boys Let's Take Us a Night Ride A Fireproof House of Sunshine Amazon
27John Prine The Lonesome Friends Of Science The Tree Of Forgiveness Amazon
28Bruce Springsteen Hello Sunshine Western Stars Amazon

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