Deeper Roots: A Century of America’s Music is a radio show coming to you from Sonoma County, California. The two hour shows are broadcast on a couple of different community radio stations in the area and are made available as podcasts through United Musicians Radio, Mixcloud, Podomatic, and Stitcher Radio.

Our shows explore a wide variety of roots music including gospel, country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and all of the many diverse sub-genres that have evolved over the past century. While we generally work from a particular theme on a weekly basis, we also like to take the free-form route when it suits us.

Dave Stroud hosts each episode, providing a curated and in-depth tour of the music and embellishes those sounds with stories and background about the many different performers, songs, songwriters, and forms that make up the fabric of America’s roots music.


A Century of America's Music