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  1. Hi, Dave

    I’m usually not home on Saturday morning, but this morning I had a chance to hear the last hour of your show on KOWS. I liked it very much, I especially enjoyed hearing “The Carioca”. It’s very rare these days to hear anything from before the rock & roll era on the radio, even public radio. I noticed the link to your podcasts and I’ll be checking out a lot of your previous shows. I do a show myself every other Sunday on KOWS and KGGV every Saturday morning covering music history from the 1910’s through the 50’s. I have recorded just about every show I’ve done since last May and I would like to get my old shows out there on a podcast. If you give me some advice on how to get started it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Ed (Steady Eddie) Mills

    1. Hi Ed

      I know that we met at the Occstock event but have not yet had a chance to hear your show…but plan to. Thanks for checking out the page. I also have a show on KWTF ( Friday nights at 9. As for podcasts, here’s how I’ve progressed. I should not that all podcasts are either produced or edited using Garage Band (pre-Mavericks). But they could have been edited using Audacity if you need to work with a PC vs a Mac.
      The easiest way to post is by joining Mixcloud and promoting/embedding the player using Facebook. I started with Podomatic but that has a ~$60 annual fee associated with it so I plan to retire it soon since Mixcloud is pretty much free. All of my shows are uploaded as M4A format but could also be MP3s on either service. The one thing about Mixcloud is that care has to be taken with playlists. DMCA (FCC) rules are pretty specific about limitations to what you can play and when. In general, these rules are posted here:
      Mixcloud will allow you to upload if the rules are broken, but your listeners cannot play them in the US if they violate the rules. The rules are, for the most part, draconian.

      So, to get your shows set up on a podcast, you would just need to :
      1. Subscribe to a (free or pay) service like Podomatic or Mixcloud.
      2. Create/edit down your shows to your liking and upload them. Make sure to illustrate and introduce/promote your show.
      3. Once published, use the services ‘share mechanism’ to promote/post.

      I’d be happy to discuss further.


      1. Hi, Dave
        Thanks for getting back to me, Those FCC rules were a real eye opener. I have featured artists on my shows before, so I know I’ve played both too many songs from a particular album and artist over a three hour show many times in the past. I would have to do some editing before submitting some shows for podcast. I do have some time off work through January 4th and I have Audacity on my computer. I will play around with editing one of my old shows and see how that turns out.

        Thank you,

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