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Remembering Mac Wiseman

Mac Wiseman spoke with a roots music magazine in 2006, reflecting on his career in music. “Not to sound too critical, but the ‘bluegrass’ classification was the worst damned thing ever happened to me,” he observed. “Up until then I was getting as much airplay as Marty Robbins or Ray Price.” But it was his voice, those golden pipes, that will be remembered sweetly. In 1946 he moved to Knoxville and found a gig playing with country singer Molly O’Day on radio and in the studio recording that would catapult him into a career in bluegrass; first with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and then, Bill Monroe. We take some time to look at all sides of Mac’s music, from bluegrass to country and rock to pop. A truly American treasure.

1Artist Title Album Buy
2Flatt & Scruggs 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered [Album Version] 16 Biggest Hits Amazon
3Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks The Tramp On The Street Columbia Country Classics Volume 1: The Golden Age Amazon
4Molly O'Day & The Cumberland Mountain Folks Poor Ellen Smith Columbia Country Classics Volume 1: The Golden Age Amazon
5Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys Travelin' This Lonesome Road All The Classic Releases 1937-1949 [Disc 4] Amazon
6Mac Wiseman & The Country Boys Crazy Blues Constant Sorrow: Bluegrass From Root To Flower [Disc 3] Amazon
7Mac Wiseman 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered Amazon
8Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs Jimmy Brown the Newsboy 1953-X6-XX Grand Old Opry Amazon
9Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs I'm Going to Make Heaven My Home 1948-1950 (Warped 4890) Amazon
10Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs Baby Blue Eyes 1948-1950 (Warped 4890) Amazon
11Flatt & Scruggs My Cabin In Caroline Flatt & Scruggs 1948-1952 [Bear Fam. [Disc 1]] Amazon
12Mac Wiseman Jimmy Brown The Newsboy Time-Life's Treasury Of Bluegrass [Disc 1] Amazon
13Mac Wiseman Fireball Mail London American Label Year By Year 1956 Amazon
14Mac Wiseman I Like This Kind Of Music Teenage Hangout Amazon
15Mac Wiseman Teenage Hangout Teenage Hangout Amazon
16Mac Wiseman One Mint Julep Teenage Hangout Amazon
17Shawn Camp Going Back To Bristol Mac Wiseman – I Sang The Song Amazon
18Del McCoury, Doc Watson & Mac Wiseman New Moon Over My Shoulder Mac Doc Del Amazon
19Del McCoury, Doc Watson & Mac Wiseman I'll Sail My Ship Alone Mac Doc Del Amazon
20David Grisman w/Mac Wiseman You're The Girl Of My Dreams Life Of Sorrow Amazon
21Mac Wiseman I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes Old Likker In A New Jug Amazon
22John Prine with Peter Cooper I Sang The Song Mac Wiseman – I Sang The Song Amazon
23John Prine & Mac Wiseman Blue Eyed Elaine Standard Songs for Average People Amazon
24John Prine & Mac Wiseman Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age Standard Songs for Average People Amazon
25The Osborne Brothers with Mac Wiseman I've Always Wanted To Sing In Renfro Valley The Essential Osborne Brothers Collection Amazon
26Mac Wiseman The Wreck of the Number Nine Songs From My Mother's Hand Amazon
27Mac Wiseman And The Osborne Brothers I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home Mountain Music Collection, Vol. 4: "Farm & Home Hour " Amazon
28Mac Wiseman I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map Grassroots To Bluegrass Amazon
29Sierra Hull with Justin Moses The Guitar Mac Wiseman – I Sang The Song Amazon
30Mac Wiseman with Alison Krauss Tis Sweet To Be Remembered Mac Wiseman – I Sang The Song Amazon
31Bill Monroe Can't You Hear Me Callin'? 1947-1949 (Warped 4988) Amazon
32Mac Wiseman I'm Moving On Teenage Hangout Amazon